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Canned cream sterilizer for middle east

Another big unit is leaving the plant , dedicated to the sterilization of canned cream


We are proud to present our New STERIBAR HPP. This machine has been has been especially designed to processjuices in bottle. Contact us for more information. more to come on

Evaporated / condensed / recombined milk continuous sterilizer

acct canned milk sterilizer
We are proud to present the latest multi format/ high speed rotary continuous sterilizer. This machine is specially designed for producing canned milk in different formats, with extra short change over time. This big unit has the ability to run different sizes at the same time, or can be fully dedicated to only one size. 2 high speed seamer/fillers will feed this sterilizer. The machine is equipped with an energy recycler That makes this sterilizer the most flexible combined with the lowest production cost of the market.

Multi process / product continuous retort

Hydrolock multi process
This huge machine measures 40 meters long and 6.7 meters height with a total weight of 115 tonnes. It is characterized by its oversized atmospherical cooler. The cooling time equals to 2 times the sterilization time. The innovation of this machine is to be able to combine the sterilization of products in different sizes of metal cans with sterilization of polypropylene bowls. The process used for this type of packaging has a preheating phase (also called energy recycler) , a sterilization phase with overpressure, a pressurized cooling phase and finally an atmospheric cooling phase. A special basket for the bowls has been designed. This is the longest machine constructed by Hydrolock up to date!


Hydrolock just developped a new type of rotary Pasteurizer dedicated to high acid canned food, able to handle several can sizes with different diameters. The sterilizer is able to process cans , using saturated steam with a temperature from 100 to 105°C. The design of the pasteurizer machine is inspired from the sterilizers design. It is dedicated to canned fruits , canned tomatoes, pickels, ... Pressure Vessel is designed for 0.5 bar. The machine is designed using the same principles as the sterilizers : low energy consumption, high throughputs, and multi size processor for cans, with minimal change over. Please contact us for further details.

Extension of the assembly area in Le Bignon

Eighteen months after settling in its new premises at Le Bignon (44), Hydrolock starts today a new expansion work. Indeed, in response to increased activity, Hydrolock will increase the assembly area of 1000 m2. Through this new premise, Hydrolock will double its production capacity.

40 years experience in continuous sterilization of food and pharmaceutical products

sterilization food
ACB Hydrolock celebrates its 40 years of existence in continuous sterilization of food and pharmaceutical products.

Mass production continuous sterilizer - retort for food pouches

mass continious production
There is breaking news in the word of sterilization. ACB Hydrolock, while capitalizing on its 40 years experience in continuous sterilization has just engineered and manufactured the first fully automated units, dedicated to continuous cooking - cooling of preserved food in flexible pouches.

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The sterilizers are manufactured on a standard base, with custom designed products holders and handling devices adapted to customer's packagings.