For PP (polypropylen) and HDPE (High Density PolyEthylen) bottles

ACB series

Overpressure sterilizers using steam air heat media, are specially designed for all sterilized liquids (soups, dairy products, soja milk, coconut milk, rice milk, coffee milk, protein based energy drinks).

The continuous rotation of the products prevents from any burnt proteins and colour and taste alteration.

Steam air heating media and pressurized cooling are the 2 main steps for this packaging.

Hydrolock sterilization can be part of a 2 stage HTST (High temperature Short time Sterilization). With this 2 stage HTST the results are great in term of color and organoleptic qualities.

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ACB : hydrolock continuous rotary retort autoclave sterilizer bottles HDPE

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Custom designed

The sterilizers are manufactured on a standard base, with custom designed products holders and handling devices adapted to customer's packagings.