For tin cans, HDPE and PP bowls

ACCT Series - up to 1500 products per minute

Specially designed for metal cans of various dimensions, the ACCT series has also the capability of processing PP and HDPE bowls and trays, as long as they can be loaded is a custom designed carrier.

Saturated steam process for tincans, and overpressure steam air process for plastic packagings.

The ACCT series can be equipped with the pre-heating device for energy saving matters, but also for good management of differential pressure between external and internal part of the packaging.

Cooling is achieved in 3 phases:

1- water immersion pressure cooling;
2- water immersion at atmospheric pressure;
3- aftercooling by air at atmospheric pressure.

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Custom designed

The sterilizers are manufactured on a standard base, with custom designed products holders and handling devices adapted to customer's packagings.