ACCT hydrolock continuous rotary retort autoclave sterilizer cans - 2 ACCT hydrolock continuous rotary retort autoclave sterilizer cans - 3 ACCT HYDROLOCK CANS
Hydrolock fiche produit - ACCT - RUSSE

Autoclave ACCT

Continuous rotary sterilizer for plastic bottles

Matériaux emballage :

  • Acier - alu

Rotatif :

The rotary continuous retort ACCT is specially designed for sterilisation of food packed in tin cans or retortable plastic trays and bowls.
The continuous agitation of the product during the heating and cooling processes prevents from any burnt product. The continuous and agitated process allows HTST processes (High temperature short time) witch are recovnized to improve organoleptic qualities and colours.
This continuous sterilizer is specially designed for medium to large productions and can run different sizes and different material within the same machine.


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Custom designed

The sterilizers are manufactured on a standard base, with custom designed products holders and handling devices adapted to customer's packagings.